A Note From Our Founder

Hi! I’m Keziah-Grace but better known as the plenty of other nicknames I’ve been given — most commonly called Kez. I was a Pennsylvania born and raised Brazilian American that never moved a day of her life until college. Not only did I just move out for college, but I moved all the way to sunny (but really humid and rainy) Tampa, Florida. My whole life I have known Jesus but I definitely have quite an arsenal of stories to share. The true story starts in March of 2013 when the Lord set me free from depression and suicidal thoughts. You see… from the ages of about 9-13 I had 7 suicide attempts under my belt. I don’t say that as a trophy but because honestly it’s a miracle that I am alive and that I LOVE life and the world should know only the Lord could do such a work. Writing is not the only thing I do. I sing, I write music (I guess you can say that’s writing), I play the piano, draw, paint, make the most random sounds, have a mind that’s a playlist on shuffle, and baking. The core of who I am is that I LOVE Jesus and I LOVE people. I want people to know Jesus not just through me but the world around them. Life is a gift, that I believe wholeheartedly, to be enjoyed. The world is big and I like to adventure through it and make memories with the people in it. In my family tree is my legendary grandfather, Pacifico. He lived to be 102 years old and all of this was not intentional at first but here we are. I used to paint ocean waves all the time in 2020 and even got paid by someone to paint it on a remote control. Started a painting page called Pacifico because well if I’m going to paint waves and give it a name it might as well be after the coolest person to live before my dad. Turns out it meant peace and I really am about living at peace. I don’t like chaos or discord but every believer shouldn’t like those things unless it’s in the camp of the wicked. That’s all for now! You’ll hear lots of more stories through the posts on this website. Thanks for joining the adventure!

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